Auto Driver’s Terms and Conditions – English


1. “Royal Driver” is an android app developed and owned by KARTLA SOLUTIONS PVT LTD (hereafter referred as “RoyalAuto”) that gets driver location and enables nearby customers to identify and contact them through app / server.
2. During enrolment process, Auto Driver should provide all the correct details required by RoyalAuto and update it whenever it gets changed.
3. Auto Drivers self-certify that mobile number used to register their subscription with RoyalAuto is subscribed in their name with respective mobile service provider.
4. Auto Driver is responsible to check for correctness of data published about Driver information in RoyalAuto even though RoyalAuto takes necessary care for data correctness. If they find any error in data, the driver must intimate immediately through written communication to RoyalAuto.
5. Rights of enrolment is strictly reserved with RoyalAuto and holds all the authority to attach / reject any auto / auto driver from availing of their services without providing any reason.
6. It is the responsibility of Auto Drivers to adhere to all the rules and regulations of Government (RTO, Road Rules, tariffs..,) as applicable, and RoyalAuto is not responsible for monitoring it.
7. Auto Driver agrees to receive calls and/or messages from RoyalAuto and/or people who identify them through RoyalAuto or its associated apps / websites.
8. RoyalAuto generates estimate based on “Total Driving Distance”, “Estimated Travel Time” and “From Location” to “To Location” details obtained from google maps. “Fare” and “Travel Time Charges” are calculated using above information and Government recommended rates.
9. In Fare estimate break-up, “Driver convenience charge” is expected to be paid by Auto Driver as monthly subscription charges to RoyalAuto. “Idle Running / Night time charges” are calculated by Auto Driver based on his present distance from pick-up point and travel time of the day. Auto Driver shall forfeit “Driver Convenience Charge” once he collects monthly subscription Charges from customers.
10. Auto Driver is completely involved in fixing the rate of his services, and RoyalAuto shall never interfere in his decision.
11. Auto Driver should take complete responsibility of managing customers identified by RoyalAuto and monetizing the support provided by RoyalAuto. RoyalAuto does not commit to any minimum revenue in lieu of their services.
12. Auto Driver should pay the subscription charges as prescribed to use RoyalAuto services like listing, live update, etc. RoyalAuto has the right to change the charges any time based on market dynamics.
13. Any amount paid by Auto Driver to RoyalAuto to avail their services is not refundable.
14. Auto Driver agrees that he/she is associated with any registered Auto Stand to avail the services of RoyalAuto.
15. Auto Driver agrees that RoyalAuto has the right to deny any or all services to him once they forfeit their association with an auto stand.
16. Auto Driver agrees that if RoyalAuto services are disturbed for a short time due to external circumstances not under the control of RoyalAuto, the service charges and other charges incurred during that time will not be refunded.
17. Auto Driver is responsible for paying all local / state / central taxes, levies and charges like GST, Income Tax, parking charges, entry tax, highway tolls etc to Government for the amount earned by using the services of RoyalAuto.
18. Auto Driver agrees that RoyalAuto is not liable to pay tax for any revenue generated by the driver. RoyalAuto will only pay the required tax for their revenues collected from Auto driver in lieu of their services rendered.
19. Auto Driver agrees that they will always use their own smart phone with Internet connection and GPS enabled all the time at their own cost to avail the services of RoyalAuto.
20. Auto Driver must keep his app open all the time to be identified by RoyalAuto Servers and get right customers to contact them. They must update their app to the latest version as quickly as possible to ensure optimum functioning of their system.
21. If the Auto Driver fails to renew the service by paying subscription charges on-time, RoyalAuto reserves the right to terminate the services without prior intimation to the concerned Auto Driver.
22. Auto Driver agrees that they will always be fair with other Auto Drivers, Customers and RoyalAuto.
23. Auto Driver agrees that they will not store any information like name, mobile number, etc. related to their customer who gets connected through RoyalAuto services – without the consent of customer.
24. Auto Driver agrees that customer has the right to accept or reject their service for any reason.
25. Auto Driver agrees to allow RoyalAuto to use and publish any feedback about them provided by customers and others.
26. Auto Driver agrees to check on their own and agree to the latest Terms and Conditions published by RoyalAuto at
27. Auto Driver confirms and undertakes that RoyalAuto does not own or in any way control the vehicle used by the Driver rendering any kind of Service to the Customer.
28. Auto Driver agrees to affix RoyalAuto or their recommended brand logo and/or sticker on their vehicle at all legal locations and are not entitled for any payments from RoyalAuto for this branding and marketing of RoyalAuto.
29. Auto Driver has to give written request to remove their information from RoyalAuto or associated websites in case they wish to withdraw the registration with RoyalAuto.
30. If the Auto Driver fails to adhere to the terms and conditions, RoyalAuto reserves the right to terminate the services without prior intimation to the concerned Auto Driver.